Cookie Problem

It appears that your web browser is not currently accepting cookies, which are required for Bench>Press. You must enable cookies in your browser in order to use Bench>Press.

Please check that your browser's preferences are set to accept cookies. If you are using Firefox, go to Preferences, then Privacy, and make sure the Accept Cookies box is checked. For Safari, click on Preferences. Click on the Security tab in this new window and make sure that you either choose "Only from sites you navigate to" or "Always" for the Accept Cookies option. If you use Internet Explorer, go to Tools/Internet Options/Privacy/Advanced or Custom Level, and make sure that cookies are enabled. Please note that these terms may vary slightly from version to version. After following these steps, click on the following link to retry your page:

If you continue to have problems, please consider these possible explanations:
  1. If you have recently changed your email address in the system, please sign in once with the 'Remember Me' box unchecked. This will unset the old cookie, and from then on you can sign in with your new address and check the 'Remember Me' checkbox.
  2. It may be that you are using a program on your computer that automatically deletes cookies. Two such programs for the Macintosh are "Cookie Cutter" and "WebFree." You will need to create an exception to use the online submission system.
  3. The date is set incorrectly on your computer. This confuses our cookies (they have expiration dates), so please check to see that your date is set accurately.
  4. Your browser is an old version that does not support cookies. You will need to upgrade it.
  5. You are accessing the system via a "proxy server" that is deleting cookies automatically. You should contact your network administrator to determine whether your institution's proxy server is the source of the trouble.

If you continue to have trouble, please use the feedback button at the top of this page to send details.